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Experts in adventure tours




Flybypara is a worldwide leading expert in paragliding tandem flights, tours, fly-guide and tourism guides for flying or non-flying participants.


We have run countless paragliding thermalling, cross country flying tours and SIV courses all around the world. Dedicated full-time since the early 90s, we have flown at more than 700 sites and in more than 24 different countries, and combined our flying with other outdoor activities and cultural tours.

Julio Rivera

Head Guide Pilot

Tandems & Tours Worldwide

David Ferrer

Head Tandem Pilot

Switzerland Zurich, Luzern, Eng.

Mikel Julen

Tandem Pilot

Switzerland, Zermatt

Eddy Urdiales

Head Tandem Pilot



The Flybypara paragliding team is ready to answer your questions. Please fill out the inquiry form and click send. Alternatively, give us a call or send WhatsApp or WeChat message​​.

Meeting point: Bahnhofplatz 7, 3920 Zermatt CH

Switzerland Zermatt

Switzerland Luzern-Engelberg

Spain Barcelona-Ager

Ecuador Quito



Flybypara General TERMS & CONDITIONS

Day tours / Day course/ Tandems flights

The following are the Terms and Conditions (T&C) of Flybypara Day Tours/Day Course and Paragliding Tandem Flights/Introductory Course. Participants in our Day Tours/Day Course or Tandem Paragliding Flight are required to read and sign these T&C before departure/flight. All flying activity with Flybypara falls under an introductory course to paragliding flight.

Scope of Document

By booking and paying the confirmation fee for the Day Tour / Day Course, you agree to all articles relating to payment and our refund policy for all parties that are booked and paid for in your name. By signing of a physical copy of these same T&C at the day of service and before departure, you further agree to all articles relating to the course activity.


For the implementation and interpretation of the present T&C, the terms and expressions used shall have the following meaning:
“Participant” or "Student" or “Passenger” - any person who participates in a tandem paragliding flight or day-tour or a paragliding course.
“Tandem Paragliding Flight” - a paragliding flight performed with the Participant and a trained and qualified instructor paragliding pilot.
“Tours” - any tours, products, packages and services offered by Flybypara for purchase by the public via its website or directly. 

General Booking Information

Flybypara offers a variety of tours, packages and services ("Tours") through its website (flybypara.com). Flybypara’s T&C contain legal obligations; therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you read them carefully. They form the basis on which bookings are accepted by Flybypara. The purchase of any travel services offered by Flybypara constitutes a contractual arrangement between the person making the booking and Flybypara, and represents acceptance of Flybypara’s T&C described here. Please ensure that you read carefully and understand these T&C prior to booking.

If you are booking for persons other than yourself, you warrant that you have the authority to do so. The booking T&C will also apply to all the other members of the party and you are responsible to ensure that all payments are made on behalf of all members of the party. As an individual booker, you need to be at least 18 years of age to be able to make a booking.

Bookings can be made directly, online, through a tour operator or agency.

Day Tour / Day Course Description

The Day Tour / Day Course and Tandem Paragliding Flight is a paragliding introductory course designed to give the student an overview of handling and using a paraglider, a high level overview of aerodynamics, appropriate weather conditions and safety issues when flying a paraglider. This course is in no way sufficient to prepare The Student for flying on his own. In order to do that one has to take a full beginners course, Parapro 2 or the equivalent thereof, conducted by a certified paragliding flight school. The instructors of Flybypara are all rated by SHV-FAM-BHPA. SHV is a certified ultralight Swiss federation and The International Airsports Federation (FAI).

For logistics information specific to Day Tour / Day Course See: „INP-101PT“

For logistics information specific to Tandem Paragliding Flight / Introductory course see: „INP-101PTF“


Informed Participation

By agreeing to these T&C, The Student or Participant confirms that he is aware that risk is inevitably an inherent part of all flying activities. The Student confirms that he/she understands that flying a paraglider is potentially dangerous as is the case with all other forms of aviation and active sports. The Student confirms that he/she himself/herself bears full responsibility of attending this introductory course and all activities he/she partakes on the course. This includes full responsibility of accidents, incidents and damage to clothes, accessories or other personal belongings that can occur while The Student partakes in this course during take-off, landing or in-flight. The Student always bears the sole responsibility of whether or not to fly an introductory flight. This is also the case when flying attached to an instructor. The Student agrees that under no circumstances will he/she sue Flybypara or its instructors nor SHV-FAM-BHPA for injuries that he/she may sustain on this course.

Requirements for Participants:
- Valid pilot license
- Flying equipment: paraglider, harness, rescue, helmet, radio, GPS
- Active cell phone with LOCAL number - Smartphone with internet access (for live tracking) - Aitribune APP downloaded into your smartphone
- Radio
- External power units for recharging cell phones
- Registration fee payment stub or E-mail confirmation
- Complete registration form ready before Day 1
- Accept local valid regulations
- Medical and travel insurance (which must be valid for paragliding in LOCAL AREA. Must show contract copy to prove so. If the Participant does not have this insurance, it must be purchased)


The fee includes:
- Transportation and guide during the paragliding trip
- Retrieval on main roads for daily tasks 
- B&B

Airplane tickets and extra activities are not included.

1. The use of 2m radios for national and foreign pilots in this event will be managed by local authorities. The communication system will be as follows: a radio station with air band and 2m radios operated by qualified people with valid licenses. This radio station will be in charge of communication between control towers, meet director and will be generating reports in case of emergencies, rescue and other needs between pilots and the organization. 
2. There will be a live-tracking system during the event used by pilots owning smartphones which will be used by transportation and rescue entities. For this, pilots must have a valid local number with internet connectivity and must download the App on their phones. Each pilot must have an external power backup which may be purchased in most electronic stores worldwide. 

3. We will create a chat group in WhatsApp to keep each other updated!

Important: It will be mandatory to use the -APP live tracker in your smartphone as it is necessary for recovery and rescue.


Medical Conditions

Participants suffering from any known or suspected medical condition that can have an effect on them while paragliding, or women more than 28 weeks pregnant, must notify Flybypara before the tandem flight takes place. In these cases, they must also produce a medical certificate confirming fitness to fly. Flybypara reserves the right to refuse or to cancel bookings if relevant certificates are not produced. In this regard, Flybypara will not be liable for any failure, negligence, or deceit on behalf of the Participant.

Refund Policy

In no case will there be a refund of part or all tour/course fees, if the tour/course took place. If the day turns out to be non-flyable due to weather or other safety reasons that are outside Flybypara's control then the services are deemed to have been rendered. In the case when Flybypara cancels the trip there will be a full refund. In case the participant cancels up to 48 hours before the set date of the day tour/day course, he is refunded everything except the confirmation fee of (20%) and the long tours!


Personal Accident Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance is not included in your paragliding event. We strongly recommend that you take out Personal Accident Insurance for the duration of your paragliding course. You would have to arrange this prior to your lesson(s). We can recommend a provider; please consult us.



The new General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) came into force on 25th May 2018. As a data controller and processor, Flybypara Adventures takes the retention, processing, and consent of sensitive data very seriously. We will be managing and using any personal data that we hold properly and lawfully. 
As a Participant, contractor or employee of our group, you have already given consent in the past for us to send information to you or use your data to contact you for the purpose it was given and there is no need for you to give us your consent a second time.  If you are happy to continue to receive communications from us, then please be assured that we keep all records confidential and secure, and your data will never be disclosed to or used by any third party.


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