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About Us

FLYBYPARA “Touristic&Training customer experience„™️ Since 1990, is a renowned company specializing in providing exceptional touristic and training customer experiences in the field of paragliding. Since its establishment in 1990, FLYBYPARA has been at the forefront of adventure tourism, offering thrilling paragliding opportunities combined with professional training programs.


One of the standout highlights of FLYBYPARA's offerings is the FLYMATERHORN experience. This unique adventure takes participants on an unforgettable paragliding journey around the iconic Matterhorn mountain, located in the Swiss Alps. With its breathtaking views and challenging flying conditions, FLYMATERHORN has become a signature experience associated with FLYBYPARA.


FLYBYPARA prides itself on delivering exceptional customer experiences, blending the excitement of paragliding with top-notch training. Their team of experienced and certified instructors ensures that both beginners and experienced flyers receive comprehensive training to enhance their skills and ensure their safety.


With a focus on customer satisfaction, FLYBYPARA aims to create memorable and personalized experiences for every participant. The company's commitment to safety, professionalism, and customer service has garnered them a solid reputation in the paragliding industry.


Overall, FLYBYPARA has been a leader in the paragliding tourism and training sector since its inception in 1990. With the FLYMATERHORN experience as a standout highlight, the company continues to provide thrilling adventures and expert instruction, ensuring an unforgettable and safe paragliding journey for all participants.







Our Team

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