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Paragliding Tours Colombia CHF 1600 p/week

Paragliding Tours Colombia CHF 1600 p/week


PARATOURS FLYBYPARA Active Tours, a renowned company specializing in paragliding trips and event planning, cordially welcomes you all. We are currently in search of skilled pilots from all around the world to join us in soaring through the magnificent Cauca Valley, a breathtaking mountain range in South America.


Our annual expedition to Colombia will take place from December 25th to February 24th, spanning several weeks. With a budget of chi 1600 per week, this comprehensive package covers top-notch accommodation, delightful breakfast options, reliable transportation, and expert guiding services.


If you love paragliding and thrill to thrilling adventures, we wholeheartedly invite you to join us on this truly unforgettable journey. Your presence will undoubtedly contribute to the joy and excitement of the experience. We sincerely thank you for considering joining us and kindly request you to stay connected for further information on the complete package and itinerary.


Should you have any inquiries or wish to contact us, please feel free to email, WhatsApp at +41 78 943 47 06, or visit our website at




Per week: CHF 1,600

Non-flying CHF 700

Per day: CHF250

Non-flying  CHF 150

Includes: Local transport, accommodation, breakfast, cable car and retrieve

Only guide: CHF 50

Guide & transport: CHF 85

Julio Riviera AND Mattias 

Guided Cross Country weeks, only CHF-USD 1600
per week; we recommend two weeks or more stay due to the distance you will have to travel. Includes: 
•    In the air guiding
•    Accommodation with continental breakfast
•    Daily transport to take off
•    Retrieve service with GPS trackers
•    Daily XC briefing and de-briefings
•    limited to 6-10 pilots per trip and group, min 5
•    Transfer from internal airport (Cali)
•    Mattias. Help to book external flights and guide. Julio has been flying and guiding here for many years. I am also a competition instructor and tandem pilot. This is a guided cross-country trip, not an area for low-airtime pilots. You will need to be able to take off unaided, thermal proficiently, and have some cross-country experience. The day starts early, and we will be in the air for 5 hours on good days. We will fly in the Cauca Valley, visiting at least three flying areas.
Tour dates:

1. 27/12/EveryYear to 11/01/EveryYear
2. 13/01/EveryYear to 27/01/EveryYear
3. 28/01/EveryYear to 12/02/EveryYear


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