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Flybypara is a worldwide leading expert in paragliding tandem flights, tours, fly-guide and tourism guides for flying or non-flying participants. We have run countless paragliding thermalling, cross country flying tours and SIV courses all around the world. Dedicated full-time since the early 90s, we have flown at more than 700 sites and in more than 24 different countries, and combined our flying with other outdoor activities and cultural tours.

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Every hour from: 8am till 6pm.
For fly in other sites please call or send us an E-mail in advance, prices could change to less or more.

About Paragliding

What is Paragliding? ​

paragliding is the activity of gliding through the air, only being attached to a parachute that resembles a canopy. Paragliders descend from high altitudes, like mountains and cliffs. Paragliding is the closest a human being can get to the feeling of flying. A paraglider is a simple aircraft with no machines and no fuel, just the wind and pilot’s flying skills.

History of Paragliding ​

It all began in 1952 when Domina Jalbert modified basic gliding parachutes by adding controls and multi-cells to it. Then, in 1961, Pierre Lemoigne designed a type of parachute, which would later lead to the design of the Para-Commander. The Para-Commander had a certain kind of design to glide throughout the air and steered.


Frequently Asked Questions - Paragliding

Who can learn?
Absolutely anybody! Our paragliding courses are available for anyone over the age of 16 with a basic level of physical fitness and no medically prescribed restrictions.

Do I have to be a daredevil or adventure junkie?
Absolutely not! Paragliding is a gentle sport. All you need is desire to fly and positive attitude.

Do I have to buy the equipment for learning?
No. We will provide you all necessary equipment for ground training and flying tasks during the training period.

Will I get a Pilot License on completion of the course?
First of all...there is no need for any license to fly a paraglider. Also there is no recognized licensing authority yet in India. We will provide you a certificate on completion of your course.

When can I fly on my own?
After initial ground training, the very first flight you take is a solo flight. So technically you are flying on your own from the very first flight, but under direct supervision of a professional. To be able to fly totally on your own requires you to complete two courses P1 and P2, plus a few additional hours of flying under supervision to gain more experience and confidence.

I am concerned about safety!
We understand that. But you don't have to worry about it, cause we are concerned about your safety. We make sure you practice under our supervision only when the conditions are suitable for your level. As a precaution First-aid is available at the site just in case. We do advise you to have an insurance policy covering adventure sports.

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