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South America Paragliding and Spain, is one of the most popular extreme sports activities, and there are a lot of sites across the continent that offer great conditions to allow people to go paragliding.
Here are the best places to paraglide in South America.
Banos, Ecuador
The town of Banos in Ecuador has been developing a reputation as a popular city for adventure sports, and its mountainous terrain makes it a prime spot for going paragliding.
The town is located in the shadow of the Tungurahua Volcano, paragliding offers a great view of the volcano, although it is certainly wise not to get too close, particularly avoiding the ash plume that is produced by the volcano. The mountain scenery in the Banos area is stunning, and while the walk up the steep slopes can be tiring it provides perfect launching spots for paragliders, giving them a great chance to get hight and other places like Quito, Latacunga, La Troncal, Guayas, Montañita, Canoa, Ibarra.
Roldanillo, Colombia
Provides easy access to some of the best XC sites in Colombia. 
The best time for flying is between December. and February. However on some days, even if it was raining in the morning it could turn into a cracking XC day later.
The day starts early and on good days we will be in the air for 5 hours. We will be flying in the Cauca valley visiting at least 3 different flying areas. 
Many visiting pilots, including us, had been given the impression from various articles we’d read that thermals in Roldanillo were big and smooth. What shocked most of us is that though there were big smooth thermals at times, on many days conditions could get very rough indeed, and not only in the mountains but also in the flats. You definitely need to be prepared for rough and complex changeable conditions when you visit.
We will guide you all the time to make more fun and safety
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