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Julio Rivera Armijos

Head pilot since 1990

Willingness to continuously learn new routes and rules-regulations. Julio specializes in paragliding tandem flights, trainings, tours, fly-guide, and tourism guides for both flying and non-flying participants. He has extensive experience in paragliding thermalling, over 200 official acro and cross country competitions in 26 countries. He has also conducted cross country flying tours and SIV courses worldwide. Julio has dedicated himself full-time to paragliding since the early 90s and has flown at over 800 sites in more than 48 different countries.

He has accumulated over 14,000 hours (more than 24k flights) in the air and has combined his flying with other outdoor activities and International active tourism. #JULIORIVERAARMIJOS is a skilled trainer, proudly sponsored by FLYBYPARA’s customers. With my passion for exploration, deep cultural understanding, and commitment to creating transformative journeys, I am also your ideal candidate to be your trusted guide and mentor. It is important to choose a safety-conscious pilot who follows all necessary safety procedures. Julio is certified by FEDA, FAM, FAE, BHPA, and currently certified by the Swiss Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (SHV).

Julio Rivera Armijos
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